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Stop Lychee Dog Meat Festival

In 2009 local Yulin dog-meat traders founded this festival to boost business, contrary to past tradition. Dogs (and cats) are hunted down, denied food and water, caged in cramped quarters while waiting their turn to be blow-torched, hung, boiled and skinned-all while alive. The worst part, is China sees no issue with this and enjoys this festival.

We need to convince President Trump to include this cause in his negotiations with China!

Mr. Trump please ratify the treaty with China to include ending the Yulin Dog Festival and any similar festivals in China.

Our Mission

We are asking you to email the Trump Administration to stop this festival. Together we can make a political movement toward stopping this barbaric “festival” this year and years to come. Currently, the U.S. and China are in trade negotiations. We are asking that the Trump Administration ratify the trade agreement with China to stop the barbaric Yulin dog meat festival.

Our goal is to obtain 2,000,000 emails so President Trump can see this as an important issue.

Our letter to President Trump

The Lychee and Dog Meat Festival is a horrendous, torturous event held in Yulin, China.  It begins every year on June 21st during summer solstice and lasts for 10 awful days where 10,000–15,000 dogs (and cats) are brutally tortured and then eaten.

Read our letter to President Trump



Lychee Project
Lychee Project

Interview with John Lekas on the Lars Larson radio show, listen now

Help support our cause and write a message that will be forwarded to President Trump.

Example: I am writing to object fervently to the lychee dog massacre in yulin. This is inhumane and profilerates cruelty in its ugliest form.

Corporate Sponsorship

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Our letter to President Trump

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